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How To Get a Big Downline Without Being a SuperPromoter

Do you routinely sign up thousands of direct referrals? Me either. I do get a lot of signups for some of my programs without doing ANY promoting. Want to know my secret? I submit new programs to a downline club.

By submitting a new program, my ID becomes the ROOT ID for everyone else to sign up under in the club. If your club has several thousand members, this could be a bonanza for you.

There are a few things to look for when suggesting a new company (not every new program is accepted).

  • TOS (Terms of Service)

  • Privacy Policy

  • Own domain name

  • Not on a free hosting site

  • Information about the company

  • Contact information

    IF the new program you're so excited about has all of the above, do a search to make sure it hasn't already been submitted for review at your club.

    No? Great! Submit your program, and if it's accepted, you have the possibility of a huge downline.

    What's that? WHERE do you find these new programs? Well, you...

  • surf

  • use hit exchanges (This is often the first place new programs show up)

  • see a product you like? look for an affiliate program link - often at the bottom of the page.

  • Good product but no affiliate program? Email the webmaster and ask if they are considering an affiliate program.

    Not convinced you could be the first to suggest a program? Consider this: Even though my downline club (MyECom) has over 18,000 members, only about 40 of us regularly submit new programs.

    I'm just a regular "netrepreneur", and I've been able to submit several new programs. It's really a wonderful feeling to log in to a program each morning and find that my downline has increased yet again - WITHOUT doing any promoting!

    Give it a try, you've got nothing to lose, and a downline to gain!

    About The Author

    Heidi Moore is a loyal (and active) member of the MyECom downline club. The ONLY downline club that PAYS it's members to be active! She also publishes the WebWealth Online newsletter: Free weekly ads and so much more. Subscribe at:


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