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The Network Marketing Secret

So, what is this Network Marketing secret really about?

To illustrate this Network Marketing secret in the simplest of form let us listen to a story about Jack.

Jack was walking around a newly established shopping mall and came across this wonderful restaurant.

Jack decide to tryout the food at this new restaurant and found to his amazement, that the food was great and delicious. The service was also excellent and Jack was very happy that he found a great place where he can bring his family and friends to dine and have a good time.

As Jack was walking to the counter to pay the bill, the restaurant owner invites Jack for a friendly chat about a special promotion that he was doing. He expressed to Jack that as a token of appreciation, he would like to reward his customers for coming to his restaurant.

"Jack here is a stack of special offer coupons valid for one month which you can use" says the restaurant owner to Jack.

The restaurant owner starts giving Jack a stack of special offer coupons in which Jack can use for his future visits, plus he may distribute to his friends and family members and tell them about the restaurant. In return Jack will be rewarded a commission based on the orders received from using the coupons.

Jack went home feeling great. And the next day he started giving out the coupons to friends, family members. Each day he gave out the coupons to everyone and anyone he meet and told them about what a great time he had at the restaurant and how they will receive the same special benefits he received by just presenting the coupons.

At the end of the month, Jack received the following letter, enclosed with a cheque from the restaurant owner.


Dear Jack,

We enclose herewith a cheque of $480.00 as a token of our appreciation in your efforts of recommending your friends and family members to our SuperDelicious restaurant.

Enclosed also is another new set of discount coupons which you can use and promote for next month.

*** Commission amount:

* Rebates for personal dining : $ 80.00

* Commission from food orders : $ 100.00

* Commission from drink orders: $ 100.00

* Commission from specials : $ 200.00

Total: $ 480.00

We thank you your continuing support and we look forward to send you an even bigger cheque in your mailbox next month.


Mr BigHeart (SuperDelicious Restaurant)


Stop and think for a second, don't you think there is a Jack in all of us. Everyday we promote about restaurants, we promote about doctors, we promote about movies, we promote about vacation, we promote cars and the list goes on. As a matter of fact, all of us are in the promotion business. And that is the Network Marketing secret. The secret on why it's so simple and yet powerful in marketing of products and services.

In Network Marketing, you get paid for recommending products or services that you would use and normally recommend to others.

Network Marketing companies use what it's commonly known as referral marketing or "word of mouth" marketing to market their products and services. The salespersons or independent distributors are all paid based on their efforts in promoting and sales of the products and services.

As you can see, whether you realize or not, we are always recommending things to people. And Network Marketing has turned this simplest form of marketing to become a powerful marketing tool in moving billions of dollars worth of products and services worldwide.

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