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2 Steps to Spur Your Downline Into Action!

It is often the case when you join a Network Marketing program, you start signing up people into your downline and they don't do anything. They join and then they don't take any further action, expecting to make money by doing nothing.

Sorry folks' that just isn't how it works.

So how do you get your downline to take action? How do you convince them that they must do some work in order to secure a financial future for themselves?

Here are 2 ways that I have found useful:

1. Learn the progams compensation schedule and create an ecourse that makes it simple to understand.

Many people who join affiliate programs do not realise that in order to earn money they must learn how the program operates first.

Your ecourse should simplify the programs compensation schedule so that it is easier for your downline to understand how easy it can be to make money on the internet.

You must encourage your downline to read your ecourse and then take action based on what you have taught them.

Once you have created your ecourse, set up an autoresponder (such as " to send it to your downline over a few days.

2. Once your ecourse has been sent out send one last email that makes an offer to your downline that spurs them into action.

For instance, when people join affiliate programs, they rarely already have their own website, so they try to market their affiliate links.

As you probably know, other people looking for something often become suspicious of long affiliate links, and it is virtually impossible to get an affiliate link indexed on the major search engines.

How can you help your downline? If you have your own website, why not offer your downline a page on your website that contains a sales letter and their affiliate links.

Your downline can then market that URL instead of their long affiliate URL, giving them more credibility.

You could put a time limit on this, so that your downline doesn't take advantage of your generosity!

An alternative to this is to use a redirect page on your site, to your downlines affiliate page.

I have used this method to great effect, it takes very little time to set up and it has spurred many of my downline into action.

Wishing you success.

Tim Spencer

Tim Spencer is the owner of - Earn multiple income streams with your own money making website.


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