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How To Separate Work From Private Life With A Work From Home Business

Combining your home life with your work when you have a work from home business can cause great stresses and pressures on both elements if you are not careful in how you divide your time and physical places within the home. Simply operating from a desk stuffed into the corner of your main bedroom and having haphazard working hours will not work for the majority of couples or families when one of then has a work from home business. Here we explain some simple basic measures and guidelines that will help anyone operating a work from home business.

Working from home - Divide and Separate.

Any work from home business requires its own environment - a dedicate place where the desk, computer and usual office equipment can be located and where you can work from in peace and quiet away from the usual family turmoil. If you don't do this you will simply be unable to work efficiently or your work requirements will be overbearing for the family. Many people do not have the luxury of having a spare room already available so converting part of the garage or reorganising your existing living space is often a requirement but well worth the effort in the end.

Organise your work at home time and try to maintain a work routine

Yes I know its sounds boring and not what you expected with your own work from home business but this is another vital element of being successful. You do not have to stick to regular 9 to 5 hours or even be fully consistent with your work hours on a day to day basis. Working from home MUST have its benefits otherwise why bother. So yes go off on that flying lesson, take Thursday off to go fishing BUT this flexibility MUST be contained within some sort of regular work time framework where the lost time is perhaps made up at the weekends or over a few evenings. I regularly work until 2am in the morning as this is when I do my best work after the stresses of dealing with incoming phone calls for example but I often wont start work until the early afternoon BUT I still actually work 50+ hours week because I also enjoy it.

Exploit the work from home benefits - Engineer the work and family overlaps for your own enjoyment from time to time.

There are times when mixing work and home life can be beneficial to all within the household. Never be afraid to adapt or engineer your work demands to fit in with your family life and visa versa. There will be times when having this degree of flexibility can work wonders for personal enrichment & it is these times when working from home seems so worthwhile. A classic example could be that you have a business appointment or meeting in a nice but unusual town so why not take your wife for shopping or coffee afterwards & make a day of it - you can always make up the hours tomorrow. Another example could be that you can take your lap-top and mobile phone on holiday in order to have more family holidays throughout the whole year rather than just the usual once a summer format. For the sake of doing a couple of hours a day or one or two days a week of work, combining the benefits that working from home can bring in order to have more family time together far outweigh the sacrifices in my opinion.

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