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What if You Could Design the Best MLM Pay Plan

Here is the Challenge. You need to design an MLM Pay that will appeal to the Builders (Heavy Hitters) as well as the average person. Would you use a Unilevel, a Binary, a Forced Matrix or perhaps a Hybrid of all the above.

Here is a strong candidate for the Best MLM Pay Plan Ever Built. It combines a Unilevel (To appeal to the Builder). A 2x20 Forced Matrix with the Possibility of Infinity Bonuses (to Appeal to the average Joe), Fast Start Bonuses and Infinity Bonuses on the entire organization.

Now let's examine each part in a little more detail

The Forced Matrix

A 2x20 Forced Matrix is really the best of a Binary combined with the Best of a Forced Matrix. Unlike a Binary you earn money on both legs each and every month. Since a full 2x20 Matrix would have over 2 Million People for 99% of your membership it might as well be an Infinite deep Pay plan.

The Unilevel

You could pay a Sponsor bonus each and every month to Directly to the sponsor or you could create an Infinite wide 3 Deep Unilevel matrix where you pay 1/3 of the sponsor bonus on each level. So Instead of paying $3 to the sponsor (If You sponsor 10 People you earn $30 Monthly), you pay $1 on each level for 3 Levels (So if you Sponsor 10 who sponsor 10 each who sponsor 10 each (You Earn 1,110 a Month).

Fast Start Bonus

You would of course pay a Fast Start Bonus.

Infinity Bonus

Use the Breakage generated by the Forced Matrix and Unilevel to pay an Infinity Bonus based on Production. This would allow team members to earn on the Entire Organization not just on their own Team.

More Fun Extra's

Now Imagine if you could have

  • A Mortgage Bonus
  • A Vacation Bonus
  • A Car Bonus
  • Advertising Co-Op Bonus Pool
  • Special Awards Bonus Pool
  • A $200,000 Down Payment Bonus toward your Dream House Bonus Now If you could only find a program with the above pay structure at an Affordable with a product everyone Wants, Nirvana, Sheer Nirvana.

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