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MLM Genealogy Leads

As with any other start up, a new multi-level marketing (MLM) venture owner will look to friends, family, and acquaintances for support. The MLM business owner must sell the parent company's products or services and contact individuals that might be interested in becoming an independent distributor in his or her network. When the family, friends, and acquaintances have been exhausted, other viable leads may include people who were previously part of an MLM network. These prospects are called MLM genealogy leads.

MLM genealogy leads are the names of people from an MLM company that is no longer in business. Previous MLM independent distributors know that to build a large and successful "downline" - the network of distributors recruited by a business owner - they need fellow networkers to help them build their business.

As with any other type of business, successful MLM business owners rely on their contacts to help their business grow. People involved in MLM ventures often stick together. If one person joins a new network, he or she might persuade others in similar situations to join the network as well. By simply working the MLM genealogy leads, an MLM business owner has the potential to create a rather large network.

Genealogy leads can be acquired through contacts within the MLM company that dissolved, or a list can be purchased from a third party company. With MLM genealogy leads, it is important that the business owner check the leads list against the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry to ensure that the list is updated regularly and that the leads remain fresh.

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